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Stuart Tracte is a NYC born & raised photographer, now living in Miami.

A broken heart launched Stuart Tracte onto his journey into the world of photography.  Driven by the need for a positive outlet for his energy, he began by photographing unsuspecting passersby on the streets of New York City and quickly developed a knack for it.  Soon he began carrying his camera everywhere.

As the Director of Social Media for advertising giant Ogilvy and Mather, Stuart conceived an award-winning plan to help IBM, their client, modernize strategies for communication in the “social media generation”.  At this time he spearheaded programs including an Instagram campaign to support IBM as a top-tier sponsor of the US Open in Flushing Meadows.

The result of the campaign was a transformative experience for Stuart.  Not only did he get unfettered access to the grounds at the US Open site, but he was paired alongside two seasoned and successful New York-based photographers, Sam Horine & 13th Witness.  He was able to shadow them while asking hundreds of questions and learning the ropes from two incredible and contrastingly different but seasoned photographers.  While in Stuart’s opinion the photographs he himself captured at the Open were not competitive in comparison to these professionals, the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place.

Shortly afterwards, Stuart was called to photograph the opening of the globally recognized nightlife brand VIP Room in NYC.  This changed everything for him, again!  While new at shooting traditional nightlife-style photography, Stuart viewed the gig as a learning experience and employed some of his own artistic liberties in the project.  It was a success.  Shooting intimate and oftentimes black & white portraits of NYC club goers soon became Stuart’s trademark.  Stuart’s style was unique for nightlife.  He grew his brand and developed his contacts, earning a reputation as a photographer who took his time to both capture his images and polish them afterwards.  The emerging photographer fostered his career over the next years as the resident photographer for New York City night clubs such as VIP Room, Space Ibiza New York, Riff Raff’s and Day & Night at The Highline Ballroom.

Surrounded by beautiful and interesting people in the NYC nightlife scene, Stuart began leveraging the relationships he was building and transitioned his focus to photographing them OUTSIDE of the clubs, and in a studio.  Portraits, fashion photography and artistic portraiture became his new focus.  Stuart was able to accelerate the pace of his craft by building a small studio in his NYC apartment and shooting every day, whenever possible.

After about a year the excitement of creating began to overshadow the excitement he once felt as a strategist in the advertising world.  Stuart left Ogilvy & Mather and made photography his sole focus.  Fast forward one more year and Stuart is now a resident of Miami, experiencing how a city alive with brightness and color changes his perspective on his photography, and the world at large.